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Marketeer in need of products. Strategies galore, but no map to guide through this myriad of roads. Now who does not appreciate a proper tote or pouch. A few years back I used to regularly search the internet for suitable arm-wear. Not because I had that much to spend, but because e-bay broke down a barrier. It made it possible for any user of the internet to create a style independent of what local companies offered. It made totes potentially personal. Until then a pouch could be anything from girly-chic to edgy and grunge, but when e-bay became common-ground it could be what caused that hint of a smile in the corner of an eye on any morning. Celebrating difference.

the base of the LaurganiQ adArt Scrap 'n Canvas bag

This fabric had been lying around for a while, but stitching the bag took a bit too much time. Finally picked it back up. The plain white linen looks clean without being clean-cut. The bright blue lining jumps out of the bag like a wave of spring. It is just the beginning of the bag I envisioned. And a continuation of my on-line mini-research. Simply to see what can be achieved. Not that researching is easy without access to outside information. As I explained in previous articles, but a company needs production. And I am keen to productively spent my time, regardless of circumstances.

For the moment the nasties are out in the cold. With their bogus-information shoved aside along with the snow of the past few days. Not being able to link to lovely sites does nothing good for search-engine visibility. Worse still is not being able to read newspapers on-line and visit websites of my choice without constant hacker-attacks and ugly faces of ugly-natured people popping-up. Beyond annoying. But the consequences for running a company focused on on-line marketing are hugely costly. Perhaps most important. To be forced to withhold a convenient set of click-through options for those who like a bit of background information to go with an article.


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