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How to win a Free LaurganiQ mousepad

For me, this week started out with an ocean of tweets with the latest on the greatest. This 8 of June Apple introduced their view of where the world is going. This apparently earth-shattering moment would have gone entirely unnoticed by me had it not been for twitter. A seemingly endless stream of Apple bubbles popped into sight in my twitter stream. Convincing me that no less than every hipster and tech lover was present at the introduction of the moment.

I was instantly thrust back to my college days when I along with my fellow marketing students was introduced to the grand dame of computer hardware. No Apple on the desk? Than there was no way you were dealing with a design company. No part of the creative industry could survive without a Mac. The rules of the game were simple. No DTP without the big G. Without doubt the ultimate at the time, the Power Mac G series. I did not think much of it at the time. But to all in the know, the future was fruity. Of the Apple variant.

Since this fruit had now fallen of the twitter tree I too became aware of Apples revelation. Halfway through the day it became clear that the overall view was that of disappointment. It was not a new world that would give a good shaking to life as we know it. And have every hipster walk of with the stream of apples that came a-tumbling in the process. Halfway through the day I had almost forgotten about this early morning river of Apple gushing. Than my phone beeped. It beeped because I had just received an email from Samsung. It asked ‘Are you happy with you phone?’. And if I would be kind enough to fill out a questionnaire to qualify for winning the Galaxy S6 Edge phone.

Some brands seem to follow one another more closely than others, it appears. On time and on trend. Quick to reel in anyone left even the tiniest bit disappointed by it’s competitors. The challenge at LaurganiQ is to watch the stream and contemplate, and translate and finally innovate. Of trend and in a time-frame entirely it’s own. Therefor I could not help but notice that the 8 of June is also World Oceans Day. Apart from the early morning ocean of tweets there is another stream that kept my mind occupied that day.

It made me wonder whether this second stream will determine where the world can actually go. The ocean, not one that regularly comes to mind, unless the weather is good enough to lure me to the beach. To me the oceans looks grand and powerful enough to take care of itself. Nevertheless according to Greenpeace it is in a dire state.

Rather than to the past World Oceans tweets catapulted me into the future. A future of possibilities. The possibility to watch that stream and contemplate on how LaurganiQ can respond on time and on trend to these massive streams that make up the worlds oceans. Too much plastic in the ocean according to Greenpeace? Than LaurganiQ will go plastic free. And that is what kept me busy for the consecutive days. Finding a new manufacturer for LaurganiQ tech accessories. One that can produce mousepads and laptop skins and iPad sleeves and iphone covers of plastic-free and environmentally friendly materials.

sleeves LGQ

The search is on. So as LaurganiQ is on a quest you can do your share. Let me know of any manufacturers you know of who can deliver the goods. You response will be much appreciated. The one who introduces the manufacturer LaurganiQ will contract will receive a LaurganiQ mousepad for free. So send in your suggestions by responding to this article.


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After Yoga. A cup of green tea in hand. Contemplating a question someone posed. To paint the scenery.

Recalling early years. Thinking of Tilburg. My place of birth. We used to go for walks. Weekends to the tiny house of father Donders. A miracle doctor. From a few centuries back. There were pinewoods. It was nature all around.

Loonse en Drunense Duinen

Sadly we moved. To nearly metropolitan. A stones throw away from the ‘Rhoonse Grienden’. Great for solitary time. Home was a former village. Holidays and weekends were always away. Spent little time under the smoke and smell of Shell see http://www.shell.com/global/environment-society/environment/air.html. The pipes where tall as pines. The smoke flew up like a flock of birds. Nature was the grass between bricks and concrete. Nature was the water below carrier ships. Nature tends to take over every ones in a while. The night sky, all nature. Weekends cycling between villages. All trees, beasts and countryside. Still a lot of that.

Horses were a minute walking away, greens in the garden. Nature is still never more than a minute away. In memories and the view from my window. Nature the only thing that remains. Any place, any mind, any moment.

Why I am green? For the memories. To make new ones worth remembering. Green specified? 50% of each month without a fridge. As of march. Energy saving light-bulbs. Since a few years. But mostly it is mind over matter. Came up with alternative energy concepts. Will draw them out. And get them licensed.

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