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Gardens and Art on display

With a botanical garden, practically in my backyard it would not be long before I decided to walk past the fence. With a roof of trees over my head I walked into the garden. Nice on a sunny day. Surprisingly, I choose to visit as a display of ceramics was layed out throughout the garden. Almost all blue peeking out from between plants and treebark. It almost made me miss out on a few very large fish in a pond.


Blue ceramics are a historically traded by people in this town. So there is a nice historical framework to place the display of ceramics in. Not too far out of the box. It was a few weeks prior to visiting a museum which displayed ceramic art by an originally greek artist named coridou. Who makes the most beautiful and interesting works out of broken ceramic parts.


It proves a good move. After an unhappy experience in my last hometown I feel like this place along a few streams will fit me better. When not the town itself than the art it has to show and share.


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After Yoga. A cup of green tea in hand. Contemplating a question someone posed. To paint the scenery.

Recalling early years. Thinking of Tilburg. My place of birth. We used to go for walks. Weekends to the tiny house of father Donders. A miracle doctor. From a few centuries back. There were pinewoods. It was nature all around.

Loonse en Drunense Duinen

Sadly we moved. To nearly metropolitan. A stones throw away from the ‘Rhoonse Grienden’. Great for solitary time. Home was a former village. Holidays and weekends were always away. Spent little time under the smoke and smell of Shell see http://www.shell.com/global/environment-society/environment/air.html. The pipes where tall as pines. The smoke flew up like a flock of birds. Nature was the grass between bricks and concrete. Nature was the water below carrier ships. Nature tends to take over every ones in a while. The night sky, all nature. Weekends cycling between villages. All trees, beasts and countryside. Still a lot of that.

Horses were a minute walking away, greens in the garden. Nature is still never more than a minute away. In memories and the view from my window. Nature the only thing that remains. Any place, any mind, any moment.

Why I am green? For the memories. To make new ones worth remembering. Green specified? 50% of each month without a fridge. As of march. Energy saving light-bulbs. Since a few years. But mostly it is mind over matter. Came up with alternative energy concepts. Will draw them out. And get them licensed.

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