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The rough road to Linux

Why do so many people not understand a double booted computer? The last time I send my laptop to a maintenance firm for some repair work the receipt listed double booted under fixed items. Recently I asked my older brother to remove viruses from my computer and not only did he mention double booted as a problem he found, but he removed all the extra partitions. Goodbye Linux and goodbye data-partition.


Since Windows Vista I have attempted to switch to Linux. Since especially graphical programs tend not to work under Linux, unless you understand advanced programming, I kept Windows on the side. On a separate partition. A range of bot-nets took a hold of my Windows partition during that time. Solution: Linux. I also learned the value of always keeping a backup of programs on a separate partition and kept yet another partition for backup files. Now all of that is lost. Almost. Fortunately I kept another backup on USB and yet another in the cloud. Nevertheless, why do all these people see my double booted multiple partition laptop as something potentially hazardous in need of fixing. Odd!


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