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How to win a Free LaurganiQ mousepad

For me, this week started out with an ocean of tweets with the latest on the greatest. This 8 of June Apple introduced their view of where the world is going. This apparently earth-shattering moment would have gone entirely unnoticed by me had it not been for twitter. A seemingly endless stream of Apple bubbles popped into sight in my twitter stream. Convincing me that no less than every hipster and tech lover was present at the introduction of the moment.

I was instantly thrust back to my college days when I along with my fellow marketing students was introduced to the grand dame of computer hardware. No Apple on the desk? Than there was no way you were dealing with a design company. No part of the creative industry could survive without a Mac. The rules of the game were simple. No DTP without the big G. Without doubt the ultimate at the time, the Power Mac G series. I did not think much of it at the time. But to all in the know, the future was fruity. Of the Apple variant.

Since this fruit had now fallen of the twitter tree I too became aware of Apples revelation. Halfway through the day it became clear that the overall view was that of disappointment. It was not a new world that would give a good shaking to life as we know it. And have every hipster walk of with the stream of apples that came a-tumbling in the process. Halfway through the day I had almost forgotten about this early morning river of Apple gushing. Than my phone beeped. It beeped because I had just received an email from Samsung. It asked ‘Are you happy with you phone?’. And if I would be kind enough to fill out a questionnaire to qualify for winning the Galaxy S6 Edge phone.

Some brands seem to follow one another more closely than others, it appears. On time and on trend. Quick to reel in anyone left even the tiniest bit disappointed by it’s competitors. The challenge at LaurganiQ is to watch the stream and contemplate, and translate and finally innovate. Of trend and in a time-frame entirely it’s own. Therefor I could not help but notice that the 8 of June is also World Oceans Day. Apart from the early morning ocean of tweets there is another stream that kept my mind occupied that day.

It made me wonder whether this second stream will determine where the world can actually go. The ocean, not one that regularly comes to mind, unless the weather is good enough to lure me to the beach. To me the oceans looks grand and powerful enough to take care of itself. Nevertheless according to Greenpeace it is in a dire state.

Rather than to the past World Oceans tweets catapulted me into the future. A future of possibilities. The possibility to watch that stream and contemplate on how LaurganiQ can respond on time and on trend to these massive streams that make up the worlds oceans. Too much plastic in the ocean according to Greenpeace? Than LaurganiQ will go plastic free. And that is what kept me busy for the consecutive days. Finding a new manufacturer for LaurganiQ tech accessories. One that can produce mousepads and laptop skins and iPad sleeves and iphone covers of plastic-free and environmentally friendly materials.

sleeves LGQ

The search is on. So as LaurganiQ is on a quest you can do your share. Let me know of any manufacturers you know of who can deliver the goods. You response will be much appreciated. The one who introduces the manufacturer LaurganiQ will contract will receive a LaurganiQ mousepad for free. So send in your suggestions by responding to this article.

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Oddities for the business lounge

Went through some old notebooks and found these designs. They were made when I was going over some ideas for furniture. A chair in the shape of a winebottle appeared interesting for the lounge of a company. A nice odd twist. I still like the idea of that, but this is not an economically good time for the furniture business. Recently I passed through a furniture shop as I had just moved to a new house and found myself as good as alone. Seriously!


I am still looking for a new purpose for my captured-tear design. I still like the fluency of the lines and it is so nicely odd. Again. I like strangely odd things especially for furniture. Other than the odd addition I tend to prefer a slightly formal setting. Not one for boring I would not want to do without an eye-catchingly odd take here and there.


Talking of oddities, I still have a few white bags in need of illustrations. Perhaps I will decide on throwing on a picture of the tear. Allthough I was really looking for something more nature-like for instance a bird or a plant. Have not decided on that one yet.

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Gardens and Art on display

With a botanical garden, practically in my backyard it would not be long before I decided to walk past the fence. With a roof of trees over my head I walked into the garden. Nice on a sunny day. Surprisingly, I choose to visit as a display of ceramics was layed out throughout the garden. Almost all blue peeking out from between plants and treebark. It almost made me miss out on a few very large fish in a pond.


Blue ceramics are a historically traded by people in this town. So there is a nice historical framework to place the display of ceramics in. Not too far out of the box. It was a few weeks prior to visiting a museum which displayed ceramic art by an originally greek artist named coridou. Who makes the most beautiful and interesting works out of broken ceramic parts.


It proves a good move. After an unhappy experience in my last hometown I feel like this place along a few streams will fit me better. When not the town itself than the art it has to show and share.

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Whoever ousted one of my favorite quotes I can’t remember. But it occured to me that life really is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans. As I arrived in Rotterdam for an interview for a sales assignment I decided to bring a visit to the maritime museum. I had not been there since my early childhood. What was so interesting about the place is that it shows maritime history in a lively manner alongside present-day maritime life.


The entry hall is large with high ceilings. There are no stairs. Instead there is a runway going upward. Like the driveway into a large carparking. The first floor shows present life in the harbor. A maquette surrounded by maritime details whith lookingholes in the walls displaying the products shipped. Recycled cans captered my imagination. Then it was on to the second floor. Old wooden models of ships where placed all around. Like a childrens bedroom taking you through the ages. The oldest model originates from the fifteenth century.


The third floor is mainly a playground for people who are in need of entertaining their children. It displays pirates and the interior of a cruiseship again taking you on a journey through times past. A nice journey just after my apointment and before moving on to continue my busy schedule.

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Marketeer in need of products. Strategies galore, but no map to guide through this myriad of roads. Now who does not appreciate a proper tote or pouch. A few years back I used to regularly search the internet for suitable arm-wear. Not because I had that much to spend, but because e-bay broke down a barrier. It made it possible for any user of the internet to create a style independent of what local companies offered. It made totes potentially personal. Until then a pouch could be anything from girly-chic to edgy and grunge, but when e-bay became common-ground it could be what caused that hint of a smile in the corner of an eye on any morning. Celebrating difference.

the base of the LaurganiQ adArt Scrap 'n Canvas bag

This fabric had been lying around for a while, but stitching the bag took a bit too much time. Finally picked it back up. The plain white linen looks clean without being clean-cut. The bright blue lining jumps out of the bag like a wave of spring. It is just the beginning of the bag I envisioned. And a continuation of my on-line mini-research. Simply to see what can be achieved. Not that researching is easy without access to outside information. As I explained in previous articles, but a company needs production. And I am keen to productively spent my time, regardless of circumstances.

For the moment the nasties are out in the cold. With their bogus-information shoved aside along with the snow of the past few days. Not being able to link to lovely sites does nothing good for search-engine visibility. Worse still is not being able to read newspapers on-line and visit websites of my choice without constant hacker-attacks and ugly faces of ugly-natured people popping-up. Beyond annoying. But the consequences for running a company focused on on-line marketing are hugely costly. Perhaps most important. To be forced to withhold a convenient set of click-through options for those who like a bit of background information to go with an article.

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page from Rights of the European Citizen
In 2001 I inherited a copy of ‘Rights of the European citizen’ published in 1961. Download a full copy here. The legacy was my grandmother’s. If I was to define her in just one line it would say that more than anything she taught me how to always ‘be aware of the human face behind political abstractions.’

A lesson she learned by experience. As appalled by the treatment of collaborators after the war as she had been by the atrocities and monstrosities of war she wrote a paper. I recall the line ‘..why I was not a Nazi..’ followed by her explaining how through Art and literature she had always been able to connect with people of other cultures and places. More importantly she did what few attempted. She went on to study German. And through the grand names of German literature and philosophy she found humanity behind a culture which at the time appeared exclusively evil. An accomplishment of a kind.

Because of her…my childhood opinions were often less judgmental than those of other children. Nevertheless, I have had my personal experiences. When I was attacked by left-wing bigots as a child she did not condemn me but supported me and suggested to send me to libertarian liberal schools. Because of her…I had the freedom to explore any political conviction. More than anything she felt it to be the responsibility of a new generation to define themselves. Independently from history as well as from heritage. But more than anything she taught me to define myself as an independent individual.

cover Rights of the European Citizen 2061

Accompanied by her books and love for Art I entered the 21st century. Not in her footsteps but in her spirit. A spirit which is also beautifully expressed in the words of the former Swedish Foreign Minister Osten Bo Unden in Rights of the European Citizen. ‘The recognition of the dignity of the individual is in keeping with our essential moral needs and this dignity finds its expression in what we know as human rights…Human Rights must be regarded by a people as the basic elements of politics, indissoluble and indestructable unless there be a change in our whole outlook on life.’

And so it is that regardless of the world outside of me I am comfortable with myself as much as I am self-aware. Aware of the past, fully comfortable with every bit of that past, yet never defined by it. No skeletons.

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The Arnason cover pages or is it?
The one book it seems almost everyone agreed was worth keeping. The Arnason. A while ago I picked it up. Ran through it’s pages. And stopped. In disgust. The phrase which began with ‘I saw the best minds of my generation, destroyed’ suddenly seemed to ought to stop at that particular point. Some sad excuse for an anti-artist got to it. Vulgarized it. Leaving an ashen shroud of artistic vandalization on MY treasured pages. MY memories of Art history classes during the late nineties. Trashed. Debased. Simply sad.

Stumbling over the rocks. Ruins barely recognizable. Scrambling for peaces. Recalling, recall, recollection on hold. Took some pictures. Took some time. Be puzzled by the images below.


Anyone in for IP litigation? Let’s go through this set. Right, below. Max Pechstein, Somali dancers. Really? Next. On the left. Salvador Dali. Cannot imagine that one being into hairless males. And whatever happened to his surrealism? Rather dull, not? Collection FRAC de Bourgogne must be surreal in name only. This morbid greyscale is fading as is. So is 1984, this image would simply shame Orwell. Irrelevant. A suggestion for the vandal of my Art-lit. Visit http://www.kmm.nl/collection

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With my sight unwavering set on future waves. Oddly conservative choices. This business, his businesses. This Art, her Art. In veins or simply in sight. A follower without a cause. Simply because.

What I have been told. My father the economist. As anyone of his age and background send to study in the (formerly) motherland A.K.A the UK. Think London in the fifties and sixties. Add some advanced university degree in New York and that is that. I set up a business. He did that a couple of times before. I will persevere. Got miles of catching up ahead.

Will run the distance in spite of a mad and seriously bad crowd kind of in my way. The distance run despite of me.

Looking on. Years of watching her paint and draw. Think Georgia O’Keefe for style reference. My mother and her Art. I remember the coal nudes from her course at the Willem deKooning academy. Sculptures have filled up the house now the children are gone. Her art teacher from ‘de haagse school’ was apparently impressed. Judge by this example of her Art below.

example of my mothers Art, made and painted by GS
Done some drawing. Added some strokes of wine. Find LaurganiQ Art at http://laurganiq.tumblr.com/page/2. The distance run. Ahead from here. A view for 2014. Somebody else’s Art and somebody else’s idea. A matchmaker in between. A little the one. A bit the other. Yet totally LaurganiQ.

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