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Had not done much in a while with wordIt. As my late website stated ‘a set of words a hint of rhyme an a lot of imagery. That is wordIt’. Few things but words remain a constant in life. As subjects may change. And meanings will shift.

Last december I considered shifting the green intention of wordIt. Instead of using wine as a means of natural ink, I chose to add words to natural products. To bring a bit of nature into the house. And wordIt properly. Sadly one third of the green goods I puchased has not lasted through winter.

Dead Grean even my plants appear to suffer from the current climate

The other green fellas are busy wrestling for a place near the window in the slightly damp hole from which I work. I will return to writing rhyme for wordIt soon. I am currently sided by three wine bottles in waiting. Ready to paint the town. When they do there will be a bit of rhyme painted on the glass. Camouflaging reflections. For now it looks dead green.

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After Yoga. A cup of green tea in hand. Contemplating a question someone posed. To paint the scenery.

Recalling early years. Thinking of Tilburg. My place of birth. We used to go for walks. Weekends to the tiny house of father Donders. A miracle doctor. From a few centuries back. There were pinewoods. It was nature all around.

Loonse en Drunense Duinen

Sadly we moved. To nearly metropolitan. A stones throw away from the ‘Rhoonse Grienden’. Great for solitary time. Home was a former village. Holidays and weekends were always away. Spent little time under the smoke and smell of Shell see The pipes where tall as pines. The smoke flew up like a flock of birds. Nature was the grass between bricks and concrete. Nature was the water below carrier ships. Nature tends to take over every ones in a while. The night sky, all nature. Weekends cycling between villages. All trees, beasts and countryside. Still a lot of that.

Horses were a minute walking away, greens in the garden. Nature is still never more than a minute away. In memories and the view from my window. Nature the only thing that remains. Any place, any mind, any moment.

Why I am green? For the memories. To make new ones worth remembering. Green specified? 50% of each month without a fridge. As of march. Energy saving light-bulbs. Since a few years. But mostly it is mind over matter. Came up with alternative energy concepts. Will draw them out. And get them licensed.

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cleanAir, printed in wine onCanvas

  • cleanAir, printed, wine onCanvas
  • hand signed and numbered with certificate [0x/08]
  • height 29.5cm/ 11.5inch, width 23cm/ 9inch
  • costs 400 euro incl VAT excl shipping
    • To buy, submit your contact details here. Type cleanAir in the subject field and you will receive an email with payment instructions and shipping information within 48 hours.
    • By submitting the contact form you confirm that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions of this blog.

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