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Privacy Laws in spite. Personal information regarding my person started appearing on the internet. When? Shortly after I started working at what would be my last non-independent position. The personal information appeared a gathered mess of gossip and information taken directly out of government information systems. Inaccuracies left intact.

Nevertheless it was personal information in free-fall. My grandfathers battalion during WW ІІ. My fathers naturalization to dutch citizen in 1983. A false account of a company my father set up during the eighties. All placed online! Than the Internet started swarming with family-trees! Next. A forged family-tree. With the patrician section of more distant relatives replaced by TV-celebrities. Amazing what you will find when Google-ing your own name.

the lock of a diary

Where to go from here. Privacy legislation. In review. At my desk. Last years legal texts. Check. Jurisprudence. Online access. Slightly in doubt regarding it’s reliability. Nevertheless, check. Just started reading the text regarding
privacy legislation by the European Union.

Have not yet decided what action to take. Found out about a legal body assigned with privacy protection. Thinking of lodging a complaint. Currently investigating if I can press charges. From a libertarian perspective: I would call it interesting to see the law upheld or faltering. Not sure where it will land. Dissatisfied with it’s course so far. Taking account of fact and folly. Stories aplenty. Action on a leash.

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