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How to win a Free LaurganiQ mousepad

For me, this week started out with an ocean of tweets with the latest on the greatest. This 8 of June Apple introduced their view of where the world is going. This apparently earth-shattering moment would have gone entirely unnoticed by me had it not been for twitter. A seemingly endless stream of Apple bubbles popped into sight in my twitter stream. Convincing me that no less than every hipster and tech lover was present at the introduction of the moment.

I was instantly thrust back to my college days when I along with my fellow marketing students was introduced to the grand dame of computer hardware. No Apple on the desk? Than there was no way you were dealing with a design company. No part of the creative industry could survive without a Mac. The rules of the game were simple. No DTP without the big G. Without doubt the ultimate at the time, the Power Mac G series. I did not think much of it at the time. But to all in the know, the future was fruity. Of the Apple variant.

Since this fruit had now fallen of the twitter tree I too became aware of Apples revelation. Halfway through the day it became clear that the overall view was that of disappointment. It was not a new world that would give a good shaking to life as we know it. And have every hipster walk of with the stream of apples that came a-tumbling in the process. Halfway through the day I had almost forgotten about this early morning river of Apple gushing. Than my phone beeped. It beeped because I had just received an email from Samsung. It asked ‘Are you happy with you phone?’. And if I would be kind enough to fill out a questionnaire to qualify for winning the Galaxy S6 Edge phone.

Some brands seem to follow one another more closely than others, it appears. On time and on trend. Quick to reel in anyone left even the tiniest bit disappointed by it’s competitors. The challenge at LaurganiQ is to watch the stream and contemplate, and translate and finally innovate. Of trend and in a time-frame entirely it’s own. Therefor I could not help but notice that the 8 of June is also World Oceans Day. Apart from the early morning ocean of tweets there is another stream that kept my mind occupied that day.

It made me wonder whether this second stream will determine where the world can actually go. The ocean, not one that regularly comes to mind, unless the weather is good enough to lure me to the beach. To me the oceans looks grand and powerful enough to take care of itself. Nevertheless according to Greenpeace it is in a dire state.

Rather than to the past World Oceans tweets catapulted me into the future. A future of possibilities. The possibility to watch that stream and contemplate on how LaurganiQ can respond on time and on trend to these massive streams that make up the worlds oceans. Too much plastic in the ocean according to Greenpeace? Than LaurganiQ will go plastic free. And that is what kept me busy for the consecutive days. Finding a new manufacturer for LaurganiQ tech accessories. One that can produce mousepads and laptop skins and iPad sleeves and iphone covers of plastic-free and environmentally friendly materials.

sleeves LGQ

The search is on. So as LaurganiQ is on a quest you can do your share. Let me know of any manufacturers you know of who can deliver the goods. You response will be much appreciated. The one who introduces the manufacturer LaurganiQ will contract will receive a LaurganiQ mousepad for free. So send in your suggestions by responding to this article.

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Oddities for the business lounge

Went through some old notebooks and found these designs. They were made when I was going over some ideas for furniture. A chair in the shape of a winebottle appeared interesting for the lounge of a company. A nice odd twist. I still like the idea of that, but this is not an economically good time for the furniture business. Recently I passed through a furniture shop as I had just moved to a new house and found myself as good as alone. Seriously!


I am still looking for a new purpose for my captured-tear design. I still like the fluency of the lines and it is so nicely odd. Again. I like strangely odd things especially for furniture. Other than the odd addition I tend to prefer a slightly formal setting. Not one for boring I would not want to do without an eye-catchingly odd take here and there.


Talking of oddities, I still have a few white bags in need of illustrations. Perhaps I will decide on throwing on a picture of the tear. Allthough I was really looking for something more nature-like for instance a bird or a plant. Have not decided on that one yet.

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Gardens and Art on display

With a botanical garden, practically in my backyard it would not be long before I decided to walk past the fence. With a roof of trees over my head I walked into the garden. Nice on a sunny day. Surprisingly, I choose to visit as a display of ceramics was layed out throughout the garden. Almost all blue peeking out from between plants and treebark. It almost made me miss out on a few very large fish in a pond.


Blue ceramics are a historically traded by people in this town. So there is a nice historical framework to place the display of ceramics in. Not too far out of the box. It was a few weeks prior to visiting a museum which displayed ceramic art by an originally greek artist named coridou. Who makes the most beautiful and interesting works out of broken ceramic parts.


It proves a good move. After an unhappy experience in my last hometown I feel like this place along a few streams will fit me better. When not the town itself than the art it has to show and share.

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Whoever ousted one of my favorite quotes I can’t remember. But it occured to me that life really is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans. As I arrived in Rotterdam for an interview for a sales assignment I decided to bring a visit to the maritime museum. I had not been there since my early childhood. What was so interesting about the place is that it shows maritime history in a lively manner alongside present-day maritime life.


The entry hall is large with high ceilings. There are no stairs. Instead there is a runway going upward. Like the driveway into a large carparking. The first floor shows present life in the harbor. A maquette surrounded by maritime details whith lookingholes in the walls displaying the products shipped. Recycled cans captered my imagination. Then it was on to the second floor. Old wooden models of ships where placed all around. Like a childrens bedroom taking you through the ages. The oldest model originates from the fifteenth century.


The third floor is mainly a playground for people who are in need of entertaining their children. It displays pirates and the interior of a cruiseship again taking you on a journey through times past. A nice journey just after my apointment and before moving on to continue my busy schedule.

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Had not done much in a while with wordIt. As my late website stated ‘a set of words a hint of rhyme an a lot of imagery. That is wordIt’. Few things but words remain a constant in life. As subjects may change. And meanings will shift.

Last december I considered shifting the green intention of wordIt. Instead of using wine as a means of natural ink, I chose to add words to natural products. To bring a bit of nature into the house. And wordIt properly. Sadly one third of the green goods I puchased has not lasted through winter.

Dead Grean even my plants appear to suffer from the current climate

The other green fellas are busy wrestling for a place near the window in the slightly damp hole from which I work. I will return to writing rhyme for wordIt soon. I am currently sided by three wine bottles in waiting. Ready to paint the town. When they do there will be a bit of rhyme painted on the glass. Camouflaging reflections. For now it looks dead green.

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Marketeer in need of products. Strategies galore, but no map to guide through this myriad of roads. Now who does not appreciate a proper tote or pouch. A few years back I used to regularly search the internet for suitable arm-wear. Not because I had that much to spend, but because e-bay broke down a barrier. It made it possible for any user of the internet to create a style independent of what local companies offered. It made totes potentially personal. Until then a pouch could be anything from girly-chic to edgy and grunge, but when e-bay became common-ground it could be what caused that hint of a smile in the corner of an eye on any morning. Celebrating difference.

the base of the LaurganiQ adArt Scrap 'n Canvas bag

This fabric had been lying around for a while, but stitching the bag took a bit too much time. Finally picked it back up. The plain white linen looks clean without being clean-cut. The bright blue lining jumps out of the bag like a wave of spring. It is just the beginning of the bag I envisioned. And a continuation of my on-line mini-research. Simply to see what can be achieved. Not that researching is easy without access to outside information. As I explained in previous articles, but a company needs production. And I am keen to productively spent my time, regardless of circumstances.

For the moment the nasties are out in the cold. With their bogus-information shoved aside along with the snow of the past few days. Not being able to link to lovely sites does nothing good for search-engine visibility. Worse still is not being able to read newspapers on-line and visit websites of my choice without constant hacker-attacks and ugly faces of ugly-natured people popping-up. Beyond annoying. But the consequences for running a company focused on on-line marketing are hugely costly. Perhaps most important. To be forced to withhold a convenient set of click-through options for those who like a bit of background information to go with an article.

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Personally I am extremely committed to engage, not in politics, but in tech. After spending a lifetime accumulating ideas and concepts for products, I chose tech. Freedom at last. Sadly my choice was followed by a range of attempts to try and undo a deliberate choice from the heart.

These attempts to prevent me from executing my freedom to choose forced a second choice on me. The choice to engage in the murky debate on Human Rights. I started out with an obvious choice. In 2006 I became a member of Amnesty International. Keen to engage I instantly joined the internet group as a volunteer. After having followed the Human Rights debate for years. Inspired by the founder of the organization and the simplicity of the concept. As any debate starts with acquiring information I started out by raising questions. Again I choose to engage. Again I choose to engage through tech. I spend quite some time in trying to develop a software program, or at least the requirements for an application to improve working on this particular challenge.

That was my introduction to open source software. Organisations run mainly by volunteers usually simply don’t have the budgets to purchase enterprise software. My challenge was to develop software which could do what was required, be easy to use and be able to be developed further by any person. The solution appeared obvious.

websites of D66 en Amnesty International

Unhappy with the political course of the organisation I did dot renew my membership in 2008. Early 2008 I subscribed to IDEE the magazine of D66 and later that year I became a member of that political party. Again I choose to engage. On the digital platform Plein66 I started out by raising questions. And by sharing my views on topics. Expressing my libertarian views on immigration resulted in several attacks with computer viruses. Both on the spot, I was literally thrown of the website, as well as afterwards, a string of attacks targeting my ip-address followed.

What view did I express? I mentioned that a small government which does NOT provide extensive subsidies or welfare would end the populist debate on the ‘so called welfare migrant’. Having nothing to fight over as a consequence of low tax and limited government would wipe that main argument feeding the resistance to open borders of the political map. Simply a summing-up of the classical libertarian view.

Consequently I continued to engage. I visited an introductory congress. The following year 2009 I also took out a subscription to that other libertarian magazine Liberaal Reveil. Reading the means, having my questions answered the goal. Private engagement. Another form of engagement is speaking up. Speaking up when confronted with injustices.

I spoke up when I saw clergy write reports not only heavily biased but full of inaccuracies. I supported the victim and wrote a letter. I even called the management of that organization. Sadly to no answer. I supported the victim in consulting a lawyer and went along to the appointment and I respected her choice not to continue down that hard and long road. Later. When confronted with mobbing at work. Again I did not hesitate to speak up. Which was appreciated at work. Not so by the abuser and I am currently in the process of taking legal steps against the aggressor. Engagement has a price. So does speaking up where abuses are commonplace.

In November 2009 I founded my own company. Keen to engage. The goal was to create new products based on my own technologies. I started out with something simple. Art and marketing technologies. I choose to engage in tech. Joined Facebook as Laurganic Lq, my company, and was attacked. Throughout 2010 computer viruses broke through even the best tested security software (McAfee, Kaspersky, AVG). The trial versions did not achieve sufficient results. So again I choose to engage. I switched to Linux and consulted Norton Security documents to find out how to set up my own digital security. Digital security properly understood.

Laurganic Companypage on Facebook

As usual I was attacked. Over and over again. As this blog shows I continue to speak up. And I continue to engage. My libertarian views were attacked by theft. Hoping that a lack of resources would change my views. Nothing changed. My commitment to speak up in the face of injustice is being attacked by intimidation and threads with violence. Without any result. My willingness to engage is being attacked by a libel campaign against me and my company. Hoping that creating a dislike-able fictive identity concerning my person will prevent me from achieving results. And so increase the chances of disengagement. I have not even considered that direction. Currently I am being withheld free access to information. Both on-line and off-line. I am deliberately isolated from people with an academic background and I am being denied the opportunity to join clubs with people of my own background, namely upper middle class. It has not done anything but make me intensely private. I visit the same places, but when I do I travel alone.

Yesterday I spent 3 hours rereading physics, in preparation of a return to tech. The day before that I posted letters addressing injustices. I continue to engage. Not a fraction of a nano-meter less libertarian. This morning I prepared a post on Scrap ‘n Canvas. A new product in the adArt product-line of my company. Still believing that freedom will win.

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Breda. Below the rivers aka in the south of The Netherlands. Not Holland. The inauguration of March. That is where it was. Where I was the first of March. Had some trouble getting there. Missed the first train. Tried to catch up. Missed it by a minute. The second train stopped. Right before the platform. It did not reach the platform. So I stood there waiting and waiting. At last it arrived. Late. Took a sprint on a rental bicycle. Need I mention that I made it?

At the military academy and the bicycle basement at the train station

A talk and a half later I got around to asking a few questions. Is it normal for army answers to sound like riddles? Nevertheless. Got some answers. But first regarding the rooms. Less furniture that mine. Satisfaction. Why do I get slack over that? Took a photograph just to be able so say this. I am not alone in this. Someone onces asked me ‘are you in the army’ on a day when I was dressed in green. Meaning: green bag, green suitcase, green coat. A smile. The memory. The resemblance.

rooms at the military academy and Mercedeses

The answers: regarding my business. Please note, no-one mentioned this. Just adding one and a few other comments. Brilliant at that. Force to fit. The economy. The lay-offs. An opportunity. My company lacks security more than anything else. Although it could do with an increase in budget. Nevertheless. Security experts in need of transfers. That is where to find them. Negotiating over the details can be done in person. Soon enough. Currently imagining: company security, company spirit, company sports, company corps. In transit. Idea to blueprint to market.

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Spent the 27th of February in Nijmegen. Visited a meeting of the local legislation (D66 only). To jot down opinions. The cause. My house. Sadly my house is not my sanctuary but my worst nightmare. What I know now but could never have imagined. It was a setup. This house full of holes. I was set up! By whom? For one, the owner. These holes where there when I first moved in. Hidden behind a double ceiling. Hidden behind wallpaper. I rent this place through a real estate management company. A middleman. In need of maintenance? Add complaint to complaint and be certain it will not be done. The last thing I needed when I started my own company Laurganic. Another day job. It was a bit worse than just that. There was a person with a key. Regular break-ins occurred, apparently. Photographs were taken. A fantasy tale unfolded. A problem took shape. While I was away. Working. Trying to get the company running. Although I have a zillion tons of discipline to help me cope. I would need about twice as much to succeed. Breathing in. Breathing out. Smiling.

The door and ceiling of my house

Someone once told me: being nice is a liability. And I am a very nice person. All understanding. Ever helpful. All free sector. All independence. But private. Then someone unkind saw an opening. I was approachable. Not afraid to be imperfect. Still in transition. Frightful potential at it’s wake. It had to be cut before it grew. I had to be unmasked. As someone without all those scary potentially conservative possessions. Worse still. I had my facts straight. Libertarian remember. We like things literal. We like rules to be verifiable. We like everything in writing. But worst of all: we read everything in advance. And refer to what we’ve read. To be defeated by a fact-sheet! Tragedy. Terror.

The roof of my house full of holes.

Back to those free sector credentials. My company. It took of while under attack. Than the house was what tore it to pieces. Holes and some kind of recording device. Nothing sells a lie better than twisted words. To lie with images as opposed to numbers. Tried, tested and one level down from everage. One step back. What got me to this house. Shortages in housing. House-mates causing a riot. Desperation. What will prevent this being done to your house in the future? Anybodies house? At last. Arrived. At the heart of the conversation. Currently carrying out: reviewing current options, assessing possible routes. A route towards legislation appears to be opening up. I would prefer self-regulation or Open Detective. Improved detection of holes and devices. Expanded negotiating power by more access to and better communication of current options. Keeping things libertarian. Although legislation is not in principle non-libertarian. Open for debate!

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The Arnason cover pages or is it?
The one book it seems almost everyone agreed was worth keeping. The Arnason. A while ago I picked it up. Ran through it’s pages. And stopped. In disgust. The phrase which began with ‘I saw the best minds of my generation, destroyed’ suddenly seemed to ought to stop at that particular point. Some sad excuse for an anti-artist got to it. Vulgarized it. Leaving an ashen shroud of artistic vandalization on MY treasured pages. MY memories of Art history classes during the late nineties. Trashed. Debased. Simply sad.

Stumbling over the rocks. Ruins barely recognizable. Scrambling for peaces. Recalling, recall, recollection on hold. Took some pictures. Took some time. Be puzzled by the images below.


Anyone in for IP litigation? Let’s go through this set. Right, below. Max Pechstein, Somali dancers. Really? Next. On the left. Salvador Dali. Cannot imagine that one being into hairless males. And whatever happened to his surrealism? Rather dull, not? Collection FRAC de Bourgogne must be surreal in name only. This morbid greyscale is fading as is. So is 1984, this image would simply shame Orwell. Irrelevant. A suggestion for the vandal of my Art-lit. Visit

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